There is only one heroism in the world: to see the world as it is, and to love it.

— Romain Roman

This is Kiven, a college student of Computer Science. I am interested in programming since primary school and now focusing on Deep Learning and Web Engineering.

Why in English?

This website archives contents of both languages. Some in English and some in Chinese. There’s no specific reason, because sometimes I prefer to use different language to show different types of feelings, or to describe different types of stuffs.

Anyway, I’ll add two language versions of introductions to Kiv Zone, and here hope you can enjoy yourselves. 😃

Tags & slashes

CS Student / Programming Beginner ( Java, C++, C, Swift, Python, Web …) / Deep Learning / Web Engineering / Freelance Photographer / Freelance Writer / Skateboarder / Drone Pilot / Knows a bit musical instruments / Wanna learn parkour / Depression / (to be continued …)

Where to find me?

Projects I’ve done

such as  cat-vs-noncat , finger-gesture-recognizer

and kaggle-text-normalizer, based on Deep Learning

*Check out my latest development: a hardware framework – KLego

Photos I’ve taken

Mostly aerial photography shot with my Mavic Pro

( Feeling awesome viewing down from the sky ˋ ° ▽、° ) 

Well you can email me as well : >

Sometimes I’m quite busy but I’ll manage to reply ASAP

Passing by 😎


Sayo Melu